Becoming a Top Chef : How to Become a Sous Chef

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Sous chefs are the direct contact for the rest of the cooks and workers in the kitchen, and they work directly under the executive chef. Understand the job of a sous chef with tips from an experienced chef in this free video on culinary careers.

Expert: Chef Jeff Hadley
Bio: Chef Jeff Hadley has worked in nearly every facet of the culinary, restaurant and hotel businesses.
Filmmaker: Rendered Communications

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8 Comments on “Becoming a Top Chef : How to Become a Sous Chef”

  1. how to cook the knickers off your girlfriend in 10 easy steps, now that sounds like a title, i'll run rings around this mong, come to AUS, work in the big kitchens here, good luck with getting away with less than 60, 114 was my highest, and believe me I was dealing with 3 services, hahahaha this guy cracks me up, get a tissue, Head chef first, then sous dickhead

  2. @joshc179 hey!I've been working as a chef for a bit over 11 years now,I've start my career as a chef de party(very basic position,but with lots of enthusiasm!),the more experience you gain,the better is it!i can say after 8 years of earning,mistaking,sweet and tears,i become a sous chef,you need need to have passion,and be willing to learn and make mistake ,can't Say's what is better between an italian or japanese culinary!those two r very different,it all depend from choice or taste of the food

  3. @aunt flow YOU''LL NEED to be committed to the yob,have a passion to cook,and willing to learn in every aspect of the culinary food,and also a good years of working experience!!i am an italian chef and absolutely love cook!!the more place you'll move on the better the chance are to be like one of those!!different place with differnt stile is whot make a god sous chef

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