Autocad Beginner Tutorial Project Part 2

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Complete step by step Autocad House Project from beginner to advance. In this project, I will make a complete 2d house plan and explain every command while i make a Project. These are the following Command are explained in this Project:

Setup drawing units and limits
how to define area of your drawing
how to make walls windows and door
how to use line Command
how to use rectangle fillet champher…

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  1. Mr. Awais Mirza This is Kamran Mirzakhel one of your biggest fan and really appreciate your hard and best work. i have one request that your all videos are not sort correct in your page if it you could sort it group vise (from part 1 to part end) and so on it will be great for us to know easily that after a video which will we see. Thaaaanks

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