27 Comments on “AngularJS Tutorial 18: Advance Search Box”

  1. This is a filter tutorial; NOT a search box tutorial! Why do people keep putting up "filter" tutorials but calling them "search box" tutorials? I can see how filter and search have underlying processes that overlap, but they have distinct functionality!

  2. That course list is perfect for the beginners like me.Simple english, short videos and clear info that exactly what i need. I have an account in pluralsight but this course is more efficient. Thank you so much my man 🙂

  3. When you were typing the colors in the JSON file , I would think of black and you would enter black , next red , green , blue in the exact order , Damn , Freaky Co-incidence !

  4. In reference to my comment on Tutorial #17 my question continues here as well that how can we just use one search box that filters more than one value? like here (6:20) I want to filter name and age but not colour using a single search field.

  5. What if i want to search the whole app?Like there are many tabs in my app which consists of videos, pdf etc. And i want to do a global search and the search result should be a list. Could you please help me out?

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