Android Game Programming Concepts for Beginners (Bengali) | Part-4

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In the earlier videos, I’ve demonstrated how to create an android project in Eclipse, create a custom View class and override onDraw() method. Then, I’ve demonstrated how to declare and instantiate a Bitmap array for a flying plane animation, and one Bitmap object for the background image and write the code for drawing and animating inside our custom View class’s onDraw() method, using a Canvas object. We’ll be using the Handler class, Runnable interface, Display class, Point class, Random class, invalidate() method, create custom View object to set MainActivity’s view using the setContentView() method for our purposes. I’ve also shown you, how to use the Rect class to scale the background bitmap image so that it fits perfectly on the device screen, fix a minor bug related to plane animation, randomize the velocity and draw a tank image at the bottom-center of the screen.

In this video, I’ll demonstrate, how to create a Bullet class to manage Bullet objects, declare an ArrayList…

android tutorials for beginners in eclipse

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