"After Dark" Lunar Eclipse The Leo King, Sarah Paasch, The Spirit Advisor & Abby Moneyhun #eclipse

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The Leo King Mid 2019 Eclipse Master Horoscope Presentation – LIVE – Change Now, Not in 6 Months. This video will cover the Eclipse cycle of July 2019 and how crucial this turning point is for your true authentic emotional self. 6 months from Mid 2019, as we close 2019, the next Eclipse Cycle will be with the most intense alignment of planetary energies we have ever seen in our life. Remember, that right now this Eclipse Season of Mid 2019, is your last chance to change things before all the concrete dries. Video is over 2 hours long, but starts at 28 minutes!
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23 Comments on “"After Dark" Lunar Eclipse The Leo King, Sarah Paasch, The Spirit Advisor & Abby Moneyhun #eclipse”

  1. It was so awesome to see the moon in Sagittarius between Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter right near Antares in Scorpio.and tonight the moon so deep red.

  2. South node with pluto saturn is like a tooth extraction. Hearing and filling the drill waiting for the hole to release its pressure and toxicity and longing for the healing moment of liberation

  3. Dylan, I am a projector with all open energy centers and no inner authority so I am very influenced by the transits. Yes I have had a headache all day. I feel a little relief because I just took a power vinyasa to open everything up.

  4. ! I woke up with a headache and had it all day. I don't drink or anything so I do blame Pluto. The day Pluto went into retrograde I was in bed all day with a migraine-btw I found out about the transit the next day in a video.

  5. Great show! Great authentic emotion. You were strong. Good mix of people. If you’re the host, why don’t you add your name to the brand: “The Leo King’s After Dark.” Maybe you do that in other places for the show now? Same with Deep Astrology. “Deep Astrology with The Leo King.” As you grow, and you have to pass the torch, that part of the title changes to reflect that. You’re gonna come out of this relationship thing stronger than ever before. We’re all behind you. ?

  6. Dylan the point you make at 39:45 is so potent. I went back and searched for it …. the piece about not HAVING to react. I love how you say There’s no truth in the “now” of emotion but the clarity comes from the highs and the lows…. and then making decisions from that clarity. I just loved the way you word it. ??

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